Taking ownership of your own health may be more necessary these days than ever, and if you are a conscious and concerned consumer, then you know you need to be proactive about choices that support your wellbeing.
Hi, my name is Doron Basha.  When I was younger, I had a traumatic injury, and I was told that only a course of extensive back surgery could put me back together and restore my functionality.
While it was terrifying to reject the “good doctor’s” advice, through persistent research and effort, I was lucky enough to find another doctor who would support my road back to health without invasive surgery. That meant taking responsibility for my own health. In rejecting the quick fix approach of the surgical knife and pain pills, I had to make lots of changes in my life to bring my body back into a state of natural balance. I came to understand about the innate wisdom and healing ability of the body – but we have to give our bodies the chance to do what they are designed to do. And in the process I discovered that optimal health and wellbeing is an inside out process that respects and enlists the mind/body/soul connection– not something we can just impose externally.
As I started to learn how to rebuild myself, I learned a lot about the importance of the quality and source of the food I ate. Attaining the best state of health would only be possible if I gave my body the best possible fuel. I discovered that “Cold Press Juicing” (organic only, please!) was the optimal way to get the best nutrients in the most absorbable and utilizable form into my body as quickly as possible. By supporting my body’s internal repair process, my healing time was shortened. While I have completely healed from my original injuries, I maintain my health through the daily consumption of life-sustaining, nutrient-packed, cold-pressed juice. Today, I am feeling better than ever, and believe me, running after a very active 2-year old makes this not optional!
I tell you my personal story to explain why I decided to leave my job as CEO of a branding business in order to launch Juice2B. My own trek to health has fueled a passion and quest for me to facilitate awareness, choice and change for others.
Once you are aware of the healthy difference you could make to your own vitality, I think you’ll agree the choice is clear. So get yourself an organic Cold Pressed Green juice, say a prayer of thanks to the Creator, drink the elixir with good thoughts and pay close attention to the emerging feeling of well-being you will glean.
To your good health,
Doron Basha


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